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Welcome to The West Midlands Spinal Medical Clinic website.

Low back pain is common.

Out of every 100 people, 60 and 80 can expect to suffer a significant episode of low back pain during their lives. Thankfully, 90 out of every 100 cases of new back pain will settle within a 6-week period. However, 60 of these are likely to continue to suffer recurrent episodes of low back pain in the future and in about 5 cases, pain will remain severe, long-lasting and disabling.

The West Midlands Spinal Medical Clinic (led by Dr Robin Chakraverty) specializes in the non-surgical management of spinal pain with the intention of improving the long-term outlook for the patient.

This website has been designed to give back pain sufferers greater insight into why they may be experiencing pain and to explain what investigations and treatments may be available to them.

Image showing a sample Patient Information Guide when printed out. © Spinal Medical 2007.

Getting ready to undergo a procedure?

Visit our Patient Downloads section to view and print the Spinal Medical Patient Information Guides to some of the more common procedures available.